Experimental immersive film

H²élyos takes you into an imaginary world where unreal monsters coexist. These Titans are looking for a single goal, the light of the god H²élyos. He is the eye of the world. He is the one who sees everything. This project was originally designed as a 360-degree experience for The Immersive Art Festival, devoted to immersive digital design, at l’Atelier des Lumières, a digital art centre in Paris. It used all the atelier technological power : 140 video-projectors, 50 speakers, 3000 m2 of projection surface.

German Design Award Winner 2022 : Audiovisual – Excellent Communications Design

The Lovie Awards 2020 : Gold & People’s, Video : Weird & Experimental

The Webby Awards 2020 : 2 Webby Honorees, Video Art Experimental & Video Best Art Direction

Vimeo Staff Picks : Best of the month

Behind The Scenes


Directors : Cokau (Achille Coquerel and Thomas Kauffmann)
Production : Cokau Lab
Production manager : Adrien Kamir
Production coordinator : Valentine Mollero
DOP : Jacques Ballard
1st Assistant OVP : Arthur Lauters
1st Assistant OVP : Gaëlle Tanguy
2nd Assistant OVP : Arthur Raimondeau
Camera trainee : Léo Guerinoni
Data manager / DIT : Baptiste Marniere
Gaffer : Christophe Galvan
Spark : Jean-Marie Masson
Key grip : Angelo Chinosi

Grip “Turn-light” : Olivier Georges
Designers : Grogamins (Eli Duponchel and Jacques-Edouard Largy)
Animal keeper : Yvan Kereun Appa
Prop master : Céline Poidevin
Making-of : Louis Bouteille
Equipment : RVZ
Post-production : Cokau Lab
Digital colorist : Arthur Paux
Graphistes : Flavio Fernandes, Romane Lorrain, Thomas Bobet, Axelle Sablayrolles, Louis Bouteille
Composer : Saycet
Music production : Sebastien Cannas